Head shot of Dougie McHale
Dougie McHale

The Boy Who Hugs Trees

Here is the description of my new novel, The Boy Who Hugs Trees. It will be released on Amazon sometime during October or early November, date to be confirmed.

Everyone has secrets but some can change your world forever.

Emily has a secret; 30 years ago the choices she made changed her world forever. And now, it resonates in the present, threatening to reveal its truth.

The Homecoming

The Homecoming is about Louis Satriani and his discovery that the life he shares with his partner is a lie. He is forced into a journey of self-discovery. It also explores the theme that events and choices people make in the past can often resonate in the present and influence the future. At its essence, The Homecoming is a love story where the two main characters try to overcome their conflicts in the face of adversity.   




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