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The Girl in the Portrait: Audiobook

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A story of the secrets we keep, and the power of forgiveness to heal even the most damaged souls.

London, 1905, The Quartet, a group of classical musicians are about to embark on a tour of Greece. When a celebrated artist paints The Quartet’s portrait, no one foresees the drama that is to follow.

2016, in a small village on the coast of Fife, Mark tries to escape his past. When the woman he once loved, Abriana, unexpectedly contacts him, he accepts her offer to travel to Zakynthos and help her uncover the mystery of the heir to the portrait.

Abriana is a woman with a past she is determined to confront, at all costs. Forced to come to terms with the nature of love and betrayal, Mark discovers that the portrait’s secret is about to play out its final episode.

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