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Beneath a Burning Sky

Beneath A Burning Sky book cover

When you have lost everything, how far would you go for love?

Corfu, 1943

In the shadow of World War II, a badly wounded British soldier is found near the home of Helena, a young ordinary Greek wife and mother. Risking the safety of her family, the choice is made to save the stranger and in the months that follow, Helena tends to the wounds of the man who will change her life forever.

Edinburgh, 2018

Seventy-five years later, Jason finds a journal amongst the belongings of his great grandfather, Marcus, uncovering a story of love and passion, betrayal and secrets, and long-lasting repercussion that will reach into the present from the dark days of Greece during World War II.

Though mired in his own personal trauma, Jason embarks on a journey to Corfu to understand his great grandfather’s history and in doing so learns the truth he’s been looking for has the potential to change lives, above all his own.

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