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Trailer video for The Flight of the Dragonfly

Here is my attempt at a trailer for the soon to be published The Flight of the Dragonfly. 

The Flight of the Dragonfly

The Past


The Beginning


She slipped through my fingers. I lost my child and there was nothing I could do about it, but that’s not how it began.


The Flight of the Dragonfly

The sun trickles through the shutters as Grace rises towards the surface of sleep, and just for a moment, she is in her bedroom in Edinburgh. Her heart pounds in her chest and she turns to see if he is really there, lying beside her. She can feel the cold dampness of sweat run in the dip between her breasts.

She remembers his eyes, piercing her resolve and staring down at her. He holds a knife in his hand. She tries to scream, but he has silenced her voice. He grabs a handful of her hair and hacks at it, viciously.

The Flight of the Dragonfly

Grace is looking at a mannequin in a shop window. It is wearing a dress she has admired for over a week now. Each morning, she stops and admires the cut of the dress, and the way in which the fabric hugs the curves of the mannequin. It’s a statement. Yes, that’s what it is. Waring such a dress, Grace thinks, is a measure of one’s own confidence in who one is, it defines who you are.

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The Girl In The Portrait Chapter 2


Joann says lightly, ‘What happened?’

‘It’s what didn’t happen. I could have stopped it,’ Mark says.

‘I blame you?’ Her voice rises.

‘I blame myself. It was my first reaction.’

‘And there obviously wasn’t a second reaction?’



‘Is red ok?’

‘Red or white I don’t mind as long as it has alcohol in it. Something smells nice and spicy.’

‘It’s just chilli and rice. I made it mild just in case. Here, let me take your coat.’

The Girl In The Portrait Chapter 1


The beach is long and sandy, curving like a crescent moon. Stone steps descend from wooden doors that sit in a protective wall hiding the gardens of large houses and cottages along the length of the beach. When the tide is out, as it is today, it stretches at least a hundred yards from the shore.

The Girl In The Portrait

My new novel, The Girl In The Portrait will be published on Amazon shortly. Here is the book description.

A story of the secrets we keep, and the power of forgiveness to heal even the most damaged souls.

London, 1905, The Quartet, a group of classical musicians are about to embark on a tour of Greece. When a celebrated artist paints The Quartet’s portrait, no one foresees the drama that is to follow.

Writing The Homecoming.

If you have ever wondered what inspires me to write my novels and what influences my writing process then watch the video below.

The Boy Who Hugs Trees (First Three Chapters)

Here is your chance to read the first three chapters of The Boy Who Hugs Trees.  The novel will be published very soon so this is an exclusive opportunity to be the first to read it, well some of it at least.  I'd really appreciate if you could leave your comments below this post.

Brief Description: Everyone has secrets but some can change your world forever. Emily has a secret; 30 years ago the choices she made changed her world forever. And now, it resonates in the present, threatening to reveal its truth.

Enjoy. I hope you like it.

Read the first three chapters




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