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Where The Sky Falls

A vivid, heart-wrenching World War Two novel about the stirring power of love, one woman’s bravery in the face of darkness, and her heartbreaking decision to risk everything for the man she loves.

Corfu, 1943

The German occupation has reduced Corfu to destitution where the Nazis have destroyed all that Alexia knew. It was enough just for her to survive. Until, in an olive grove, Alexia unexpectedly discovers Frank, who claims not to be a soldier or British spy but instead a war artist who desperately needs her help.

Beneath A Burning Sky book cover

When you have lost everything, how far would you go for love?

Corfu, 1943

In the shadow of World War II, a badly wounded British soldier is found near the home of Helena, a young ordinary Greek wife and mother. Risking the safety of her family, the choice is made to save the stranger and in the months that follow, Helena tends to the wounds of the man who will change her life forever.

Edinburgh, 2018

A Moth to the Flame

Can Elora finally disclose the secret she’s hidden for years? In doing so, she may lose everything or keep the only one she ever loved.


Brodie's life changes forever when he spends the summer in Edinburgh with the love of his life Elora and for the first time Brodie feels truly happy. When a devastating incident casts everything in a new light, Brodie’s life is changed forever.


The Flight of the Dragonfly book cover

To find yourself sometimes you have to have lost everything you hold dear.

The Past - Edinburgh

Grace thinks she knows everything there is to know about Jamie. She has found her soul mate. But when their newborn baby dies of a rare condition her happiness becomes despair. Grace is tested beyond breaking point when Jamie confesses, he is having an affair.

Struggling with this betrayal, Grace plots her revenge firing off a series of events with devastating consequences and Grace must ask herself, what line is she prepared to cross?

The Girl in the Portrait book cover

A story of the secrets we keep, and the power of forgiveness to heal even the most damaged souls.

London, 1905, The Quartet, a group of classical musicians are about to embark on a tour of Greece. When a celebrated artist paints The Quartet’s portrait, no one foresees the drama that is to follow.

2016, in a small village on the coast of Fife, Mark tries to escape his past. When the woman he once loved, Abriana, unexpectantly contacts him, he accepts her offer to travel to Zakynthos and help her unravel the heir to the portrait.

The Boy Who Hugs Trees book cover

Everyone has secrets but some can change your world forever.

Emily has a secret; 30 years ago the choices she made changed her world forever. And now, it resonates in the present, threatening to reveal its truth.

When Georgia removes her son, Dylan, from a prominent Edinburgh school, she relocates to the family home on the Greek island of Corfu. The discovery of her late mother’s diary immerses Georgia in her parent's troubled marriage, a story of love and tragedy.

The Homecoming book cover

It only takes a second to change a life... Louis Satriani, a successful architect, has the perfect life- or so he thought, until he finds out his partner is having an affair.  Distraught, he abandons his life and embarks on a journey that will take him through the landscapes of Greece and into a family’s hidden past…

Maria Nasiakos, a young attractive tour guide, living on the Greek island of Zakynthos, feels that life is passing her by. When she meets Louis, a decision is made that will change both their lives forever…

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